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Welcome to Class 1




The Class One Team


Mrs S Reed (Class Teacher)   Mrs M Roulston (Teaching Assistant) Mrs J Redwood (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs J Jones (1:1 Teaching Assistant) 


Term 3

Here is an overview of topics and ongoing learning for this term

  • Winter is providing a seasonal focus for learning. Luckily we have had some winter weather and have been able to play with ice and frozen snow in our garden. We will be learning winter poems and using icy colours creatively.
  • Investigating ice - the children have been fascinated with making ice and watching it melt. Our investigations will continue, with children suggesting how to make ice melt more quickly. 
  • All our maths work is linked to 'Lost and Found' - a delightful story by Oliver Jeffers. We will be learning multiple maths skills through lessons such as 'Stepping Stones', 'Sink It', 'Make a Penguin', 'Packing' and 'Fishing'. Mental maths will allow development of number skills, and ongoing assessment for learning will enable us to identify gaps in learning which will then by addressed in future planning. 
  • Lost and Found will also be used for investigating floating and sinking - making boats and testing them. 
  • Maths homework tasks give an opportunity for families to work on everyday maths in real life and the environment. 
  • Read Write Inc continues as our method of giving children firm foundations in phonic knowledge. The lessons will incorporate reading and writing letters and words, and playing games to support learning. 
  • Guided writing allows adults to focus on one or two children, to develop the skills of verbalising and writing short sentences, supported as necessary according to each child's ability. 
  • Guided reading happens in small groups, where each child has a copy of the book being used. This focuses on our understanding of story and information books, encouraging opinions, predictions and recall. 
  • Learning in maths and literacy is also being taken into child-initiated play situations, for example, recognising numbers through using the telephone in the home corner. 
  • Children will be baking on a 3-weekly rota. They have investigated shape using toast, and will be making balance cakes by weighing all the ingredients in balance scales. 
  • Beat Baby is very popular soft toy who is 'teaching' the children how to use percussion instruments. They have responded with enthusiasm so far, using pictures to guide their rhythms - an early start to reading music.
  • Our RE is based on 'Special Times' and helps us to make a distinction between our 'normal' days and those events that are more special. We are awaiting the arrival of Puddles - a soft toy cat, who will help us learn about weddings and baptism. 
  • Our value for this term is courage. 



Using zoo animals to improve counting skills




We made paper boats and then tested them in the water tray

In 'Lost and Found' the boy tests his boat before taking the penguin to the South Pole





Enjoying scraping the frozen snow



 Our two new characters arrived to help us with our learning in RE. Reverend Freddie Fisher and Puddles the cat were due to come and visit but unfortunately got locked in the church. All the children were buzzing with excitement as we got ready to go to the church and look for them. We eventually found Reverend Freddie in the pulpit and Puddles in the choir stalls. They have become part of Class 1 now, and will be accompanying us to Collective Worship. Puddles has his own wedding story, and we will be using this as we prepare for our Valentines Day Play Wedding. 



Class 1 to the rescue




Puddles in church for Collective Worship