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This term we are joining the mile a day programme.


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Welcome to Class 1




The Class One Team


Mrs S Reed (Class Teacher)   Mrs M Roulston (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs J Redwood (Teaching Assistant) Miss A Smith (Teaching Assistant 1:1)


Term 2


Autumn continues to be a focus for learning. The children like singing our Autumn rhymes and have begun to investigate hibernation. They have created their own clay hedgehogs which have been painted and are now awaiting their hibernation dens, which children will be making with junk materials, along with sticks, stones, moss and any other natural materials we find in our environment. Stories involving Percy the Park Keeper will be linked to this learning, providing fictional characters and settings to help children understand the seasonal changes.


As part of our maths work, children have drawn and cut out 2D shapes which are being used as part of a large frieze depicting Bonfire Night. During this they developed their understanding of the properties of shape, and they are particularly enjoying learning shape names.


We had a pumpkin hunt on the school field. After finding numbered pictures of pumpkins attached to the trees we lined them up in numerical order and discovered a message telling us that there was a real pumpkin hidden in the Wild Wood. Eventually we found it and cut it in half to look inside.


Rehearsals for ‘A Wriggly Nativity’ (our Christmas play) are now underway. We are looking forward to performing the play for our families.


We wrote letters to the pre-school staff who looked after us before we started school. We invited them to come and play. Staff from TimTin, Manor Barn and RAF Coningsby all came to see their children, and we will soon be having visits from staff at St Andrew’s and Woodlands. It was lovely to hear their comments on how the children had changed and it was good to see our children showing them around our school. We hope to continue and improve our relationships with local pre-school settings.


Home learning is so important at all stages of primary school, and many of our parents are investing time in hearing children read and completing phonics activities. This reinforcement of learning is a crucial part of the triangular partnership between the home, the child and the school. Any time families can spare to support their children is incredibly worthwhile. Lots of parents attended the ‘3 Good Reads’ meeting and are now reading with their children 3 times each week, with the incentive of a small prize for the children.



Exploring our locality



Learning about number using Numicon resources