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Monday 8th February: School closed due to snow.
Please contact the school via email:
Looking at the forecast we should return to the site being open for vulnerable and keyworker children tomorrow. Detailed live information for parent can be found on the school Facebook page: Carrdyke Federation
or via Ourschool app (Seebelow for details)
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The named safeguarding leads for Mrs Mary King's School are: Mr Sewell and Mrs Reid. If you have any safeguarding concerns regarding children make these staff members aware.

Safeguarding and Esafety governor: Rev Steve Holt


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Rachael Powis and Jemma Parkinson 01522 554674                             










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 Working together with God's help we can all achieve great things...



Our school mission statement is inspired by the story of the loaves and fishes. With the humblest of ingredients Jesus performed a miracle, feeding the many. 

We believe that no matter their background, every child has the potential to achieve great things. In our school we aim for all children to succeed no matter how great the challenge, in many ways we have the privilege of witnessing little miracles on a daily basis. We like to think that God is with us and helping us in our day to day lives, and that when children leave our school they have a sense that there is more to the world than just their own needs, that they have an understanding of the wider community and personal spirituality


Mrs Mary King’s is a small village school with strong community spirit. We aim to provide an excellent education to all who come to us. What we lack in size we make up for in attention to the individual.

Mrs. Mary King's School was founded in 1753 when the lady of that name gave land and set up a charitable trust to provide a school to teach the children of the parish "reading, writing and the common prayer." Our children still learn reading and writing every day, prayer remains important part of collective worship.

Nowadays, the school serves children from a wider area including the villages of Timberland, Martin Dales and Thorpe Tilney. We also have a number of children who come from villages outside our catchment area such as Billinghay, Woodhall Spa and Walcott. Those who live in our catchment but more than two miles away are entitled to free transport to and from school. Although we are a faith school, we are open to all, and children of all faiths or none are equally welcome.

Our philosophy is that we aim to provide children with as broad, exciting and relevant an education as possible. Some of this involves preparing them to take statutory assessments, but we value other aspects of education just as much. To this end, we teach many things which are additional to the National Curriculum. We place a great deal of emphasis on developing the personal and social skills of our children so that they quickly become confident, articulate, tolerant and polite. Through the school council, they also learn about the systems of democracy and have a genuine role in the running of the school. We value all successes that children demonstrate, not just in the accademic subjects, but also in the arts, sports, community work etc.



Collective Worship

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What is Collective Worship?
Worship lies at the heart of Christian life, and at Mrs Mary King’s our assemblies allow us to join together in a daily act of collective worship which makes links to our school’s core Christian Values. We follow the Anglican Church Calendar when planning Collective Worship and we have built up an excellent relationship with the Church to support this work.   At Mrs Mary King’s we offer many exciting and spiritually developing experiences for all the children.
Our school’s collective acts of worship aim:
 To give an opportunity to worship God.
To offer children a spiritual dimension to their lives and personal relationships.
To provide regular time and opportunity for reflection
To provide time and opportunity for thanksgiving
To help children to develop a sense of awe and wonder at the world around them
To develop an awareness of and concern for the needs of others
To provide time to share with others the things we have been doing, our thoughts and ideas.
To help our children develop shared values
To give children experience of being active members of a caring community.
To respond in a compassionate and civilised way to experiences of injustice, cruelty, exploitation and greed.

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The Collective Worship times are structured to follow the ‘liturgy’ or pattern of Church of England services. The four elements are Gathering, Engaging, Responding and Sending, and bring the school community together in a time of reflection and celebration with messages from the Bible, prayer and reflection time and singing. We greet each other with phrases such as ‘The Peace of the Lord be with you/ and also with you’ to familiarise the children with language and form they might here in a church setting.
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Timetable for Collective Worship




First Friday of each month

Ministry team at Holy Trinity

School value or alternative agreed with school staff


Mrs J Reid

Roots and Fruits





Cultural stories and festivals


Mr Sewell /

Rev Steve Holt


Cultural stories and festivals


Key Stage 2

Mrs S Reed



Cultural stories and festivals


Key Stage 1 and Reception

Mrs E Osborne

E Osborne –God And Me daily assemblies


Mr Sewell

Celebration Assembly


(parents invited monthly)


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We are building up a collection of altar fronts for different seasons. The latest one shows the loaves and fishes from the story linked to the  schools mission statement.