Recent Joint Work




 On the 2nd March 2016 Class Three from both schools visited Cadbury World as part of their topic on the Mayan's and chocolate.


DSC_0833.JPGOn the 1st March Class Four children from both schools visited East Kirkby Aviation Museum to learn about local history. We learnt about Lancaster bombers and how important they are to the history of Linconshire.







Federation cup1.jpg

In September we held the first Federation Cup cross country event of the year. This is now a regular termly event. Walcott children visit Mrs Mary Kings as there is a bigger field at that site. So far Walcott hasn't won, but they are working on it!


The federation has recieved a £140000 government grant to install a new kitchen to serve hot meals to both schools. We hope to be up and running by October 2015. The 'Food Cube' has been provided by PKL.



Waiting for tarin at Belton.jpg


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At the end of the summer term both schools had a day at Belton House. It was the first time we had gathered all the children in one place at the same time. The children had a lovely day doing a treasure hunt in the garden and playing in the adventure playground.

waterstones 2.jpg

We took the winners of the reading challenges at both schools to Waterstones to choose a book and have a hot chocolate and muffin.



In May Y3 and Y4 from both schools visited Leicester. We went to a Mandir, to the shop and had a delicious curry lunch.





February 2nd 2015

Joint Staff Meeting: Completion of Key Stage One calculation policy


January 26th 2015

Joint Staff Meeting: book scrutiny focusingon the quality and effectiveness of marking.


January 21st 2015

The Federation has won a bid for government funding to establish a new kitchen to supply hot meals to both schools. A kitchen pod will be installed at Mrs Mary King's with  view to serving meals from September 2015.



The staff from the two schools regulalry work together and share training. There is a long history of collaboration with the schols being among the first in Lincolnshire to experiment with formal collaboration.


In September 2014 the staff reviewed the marking and feedback policy together and can be seen here working with CFBT consultantJane Banham considering ways to implement assessment through the new science curriculum.