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Monday 8th February: School closed due to snow.
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Looking at the forecast we should return to the site being open for vulnerable and keyworker children tomorrow. Detailed live information for parent can be found on the school Facebook page: Carrdyke Federation
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The named safeguarding leads for Walcott are: Mr Sewell and Mrs Miller. If you have any safeguarding concerns regarding children make these staff members aware.

Safeguarding and Esafey governor: Rev Steve Holt

Local Authority Designated Officers for safeguarding concerns: 

Rachael Powis and Jemma Parkinson 01522 554674                             



If you have a safeguarding concern that relates to events out of school consider calling the police or Lincoln safeguarding children customer service centre 01522 782111. 







Chef Bev is introducing lots of new meal options this term. The new fruit platters are proving really popular. New main meal options such as the chicken noodles and broccoli are delicious. All our meals are home cooked from fresh local ingredients. Chef has designed her own recipes for the puddings to meet the new lower sugar standards, she doesn't use packet mixes like some schools.


fruit platter.png Chicken noodles.png  fruit platter 2.png


Gardening Club have harvested a lot of produce this September. We have had one of our best crops of potatoes ever. The pumpkins have grown really well over the summer, we will use them for the haloween pumpkin trail and to make soup for the soup share.



 gardening club Sept 2019 1.png


 gardening club Sept 2019 2 png.png


 gardening club Sept 2019 3 png.png  gardening club Sept 2019 4 png.png




Fed picnic1.png 

Singing round the campfire at the federation picnic. We learnt to sing 'here comes the sun' by the Beatles. 

Awsome Egyptians 3.png

KS2 children put on an end of year play called Awesome Egyptians


Awsome Egyptians 2.png


We learnt a lot of gruesome facts about mummification. 


Awsome Egyptians 1.png 



Min Olympics 2.png


Mini Olympics July 2019


Mini Olympics 1.png


The Walcott team clebrated the sporting achievements of parylmpic athelete Ade Adepitan.



sports day 2019 1.png


Sports Day, and Y6 children have taken on the job of commentators and presenters.


sports day 2019 2.png


forest school 5.png


Tree decorating 


forest school 4.png


 Making containers out of woven sticks

forest school 3.png


Our fantastic collection of whittled sticks


forest school 2.png

 Whittling sticks on Forest School afternoon

forest school 1.png



sunita 4.png

On the 20th June we visited Leicester. Here we are outside the Mandir. 

sunita 3.png

Shopping on the Golden Mile 


sunita 2.png

 Sunita showed us lots of unusual vegetables and spices when we visited the Indian supermarket.

Sunita 1.png 

 Sunita came to school to tell us about her Hindu religion

hindu 5.png

 We had fun learning traditional Indian dances.



hindu 3.png




hindu 2.png


Sunita brought lots of costumes for us to dress up in.


Hindu 1.png 


 alm 17.png


alm 3.png


Dinner on the Norfolk Broads


alm 5.png


Preparing for an afternoon orienteering


alm 4.png


Defusing the bomb is real team work!


alm 6.png


Making birds nests on Blakeny Point


alm 2.png


Blakeney Point with very dramatic clouds- The storm missed us fortunately...


 alm 13.png

We waded through the river Glaven,it was really really cold!




alym 1.png 


Setting off for Blakeney Point across the mud flats


seeds in green house April 2019.png 

 Gardening Club have been very busy this spring. We have a fantastic crop of vegetable seedlings coming up in the greenhouse. These are the seeds we were sent by the RHS when we achieved our gold gardening award. Wont be long and we will be planting them in the allotment.


In April we took part in our first Quidich match with the other local small schools. We were hoping they would have real flying brooms... but we had to make do with hockey sticks!! Never mind it was great fun....

Football team April 2019.png

The football team have enjoyed taking part in the small schools tournament. Here we are at Branston School. As usual it was very windy on their giant field.....

JB dog1.png


JB dog came to play games with Class One. This is part of the year long 'Adventures with JB' programme aimed at encouraging children to adopt a healthy lifestyle from a young age.

JB dog.png

Watch out JB they are getting good shots!


We enjoyed walking through the 'Shambles' and seeing all the shops that looked like they were from Harry Potter!!

Jorvik 2019.png

Here we are creating a shield wall.


Jorvik 2019b.png

We learnt about Viking battle tactic and the weapons carried by raiders. 

york 2.png

Class Four Visited Jorvik and The Dig to learn about Vikings. Here we are sorting different types of animal bones to see what archeological evidence has been found in York.

Jorvik 2019d.png

On the 1st February the pupil council delivered an ESafety assembly to the whole school. This is the first activity in a term long focus on safeguarding. We will be working with the NSPCC and Health Lincs to give the children a wide range of safeguarding information.


The new Class One has had a makeover during the Christmas holiday. There is a new role play area, writing den and reading zone. A willow tree has sprouted from the ceiling. This is part of our work to make the room more cosy and early years focused. We are gradually removing plastic items and developing a theme of using natural materials.


 class 1 trees.png


role play.png



The Pupil Council arranged a toy sale for Children in Need. It was a really successful event with lots of families attending


children in need 18.png


Autumn campfire activities. Cooking in the fire pit.

camp fire.png



On the 5th November we were joined by Commonwealth Games tripple jump silver medalist, Laura Samuels.

The children took part in a sponsored fitness circuit with Laura, and then an assmebly where Laura told the children how she became an athelete. It was a really inspirational afternoon.  I would like to thank everyone who sponsored the children we raised £670 which is an amazing amount. This will go towards helping other aspiring young atheletes. The school also recieves a portion of this money and the school council will be given the job of working out how to spend it to promote sport and fitness.


Laura Samuel 1.png


Laura Samuel 2.png



Inter house relay.png

October 12th. We ended the week with house relay games. Year Six children took on the role of sports leaders organising the younger children. A fun afternoon. 

 Soup Day.png

 October 10th. Gardening club soup day. Gardening club organisers Mrs Musgrove and Mrs Olliver came into school and helped children to make soup using our own allotment produce. They made carrot and corriander and leek and potato soup. They also made bread to go with it. Parents and children were able to buy soup and a roll at home time. It was delicious. This is part of our work to achieve the level four RHS gardening award.

RHS award.png

Congratulations to gardening club for achieving the RHS level three gardenig club award. Its been a really successful year with lots of produce to take home and eat. 




Class Two enjoyed a day at Woolsthorpe Manor the birthplace of Sir Issac Newton. They were learning about light but also came home with some apples from the famous tree!



We look a little bit strange in this mirror. What is happening to our reflection? 

Federation Picnic1.png

July Federation Picnic Day. Children from Walcott and Mrs Mary King's enjoyed an afternoon of outdoor learning activities at Martin. We had singing around the campfire in the woods.  

federation Picnic2.png