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 This term we are introducing the mile a day to Walcott


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The named safeguarding leads for Walcott are: Mr Sewell and Mrs Miller. If you have any safeguarding concerns regarding children make these staff members aware.

Safeguarding and Esafey governor: Michelle Manning

Local Authority Designated Officers for safeguarding concerns:

Anne Faulkener 01522 554668

Ursula Morton 01522 554674



If you have a safeguarding concern that relates to events out of school consider calling the police or Lincoln safeguarding children customer service centre 01522 782111. 






snowy day 2018 1.png 

February 27th 2018. The snow arrived overnight. For some children it was the first time they had seen a proper covering of snow.


snowy day 2018 2.pngsnowy day 2018 3.png


We had a lovely time on the field making snowmen. Who enjoyed it most Miss Jones?





We held our first Christingle Service in December.The children made the Christingles in school with help from members of the parish.


christingle 2.png

We lit the Christingles in church.


christingle 3.png


children in need penny pudsey.png

Class Two Tawny Owls enjoyed learning about The Great Fire of London

Farrinors bakery.png

We recreated the bakery from Pudding Lane in the clasroom. The children enjoyed making salt dough pies and bread to sell in the shop.

farrinors bakery 2.png

Children in Need Day penny Pudsey. We raised over £100. Well done everyone.

chef bev.png

In November Chef Bev joined the team. Here she is in the kitchen at Mrs Mary King's School. 

pumpkin patch1.png

Haloween 2018

We held a pumpkin carving competition and creates a spooky trail in the school grounds.


pumpkin patch 5.png

In the afternoon clases read poems and stories around our new fire pit. We enjoyes toasting marsh mallows.

pumpkin patch 4.png

pumpkin patch 3.png

Class One Little Owls enjoying Room on the Broom.

pumpkin patch 2.png 

We had a fantastic collection of home carved pumpkins. 

snipedales 3.png

It was fun looking for invertebrates.

snipedales 2.png

We found lots of interesting including a freshwater crayfish.


snipedales 4.png

September 2017

Class 4 visited Snipedales nature reserve to study river systems.


clayman woodland craft day 1.png


In Septemeber we started to use our new outdoor classroom space for for forest school activities. Class Two children made clay trolls using things they found in the woods.


Aylmerton Residential Visit June 2017


A beauiful morning on the Norfolk Broads. The ducks have smelt our packed lunches!


Arriving at Blakeney Point for a day of geography field work.






9th March 2017 The 1Life Climbing Wall came to school




















On March 1st 2017 Class Two from both schools visited Tattershall Castle




The ladies are waiting!




Who wants to dance?


Autumn 2016

Class Three from both schools visited Southwell Workhouse to learn about life as a Vitorian pauper. Life was really harsh!



The Master was very stern...



Learning how to use the pump to get water. 




The School Mistress expected children to be seen and not heard... 






On the 4th March Class Four Visited RAF Waddington Heritage Centre as part of our local history project. They worked with teen fiction author G L Twynham on a heroes theme. She talked to the children about the superheroes in her own books and encouraged the children to explore what makes a super hero. Click here to learn more about G L Twynham.



We then went and learnt about the brave air crews who flew from Waddington during WWII. Here the children are standing next to the remains of a crashed Lancaster, looking very different to 'Just Jane' they saw at the start of the week. 


We ended the day with chance to dress up as air crew ourselves. The RAF personel looked after us very well and we went home with lots of new ideas.









0n the 2nd March 2016 Class Three visited Cadbury World as part of their topic on the Mayan's and chocolate. 



The factor was huge, but smelt delicious inside!



We braved the jungle to meet some Mayan's!



We learnt about the history of the cadbury factory and how the family looked after its workers.




 We enjoyed the 4D experience.


We felt the joy once we had tasted liquid chocolate in the tasting room! 





On the 1st march 2016 Class Four visited East Kirkby Aviation Museum with Class Four from Martin. We learned about the Lancaster bomber 'Just Jane' and what it was like for the air crew who flew her during the Second World War. Although it is a buitiful historical artefact it must have been terrifying to fly in over enemy territory. 



 Lincolnshire is known as 'bomber county' because there were so many airfields here. Our school is close to one of the largest airfields at Metheringham so it is part of our local history.



We also learnt about what it was like to be an evacuee, this was a bit tiring for some of us! 










On Monday 12th October we held a conkers day. It was a long time since any child had played conkers at Walcott and we thought this was rather sad!  It was lovely to have a layground full of children playing conkers, and no, they didn't have to wear goggles. 



On the 6th of October we were visited by Mrs Coldhurst who was a teacher at Walcott until 1985. Now in her 90's she wanted to come back and see how things have changed. She was amazed at how the school has been developed and

thought the classrooms were wonderful. She recalled how she had to fetch coal to keep the classroom fire going in the winter! She said that the rooms soon started to smell like wet laundry when the fire was in. In her day the toilets were outdoors, and at lunch time children washed their hands in a communal outdoor sink. The hot water came from the kitchen they had (Yes the school actually had its own kitchen in those days!).


On the 6thOc

 Snipedales long shot.jpg

In September Class Four visited Snipedales Country Park to study rivers and streams as part of the water cycle. 



Federation cup1.jpg

In September we attended the first of the year's federation cross country events at Martin.



Moodial express.jpg

We enjoyed a ride on the Moondial Express in the afternoon 



In July we met up with Mrs Mary King's School at Belton House. We did a treasure hunt in the garden in the morning and explored the new adventure playground in the afternoon. This was the first time all the children from both schools had been together at the same time.



June 11th Visit to Hindu Mandir (Temple) Leicester




 Shopping on the 'Golden Mile'



January 30th 2015 - Let it snow, let it snow...



Class 3 L S Lowry Paintings