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Monday 8th February: School closed due to snow.
Please contact the school via email:
Looking at the forecast we should return to the site being open for vulnerable and keyworker children tomorrow. Detailed live information for parent can be found on the school Facebook page: Carrdyke Federation
or via Ourschool app (Seebelow for details)


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 For the most upto date information relating to Walcott School please refer to the 'our school app' news feed or the Carrdykefederation Facebook page.


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For real time updates on events and information please join our Facebook group. Search 'Carrdyke Federation' and request to join. This is a closed group for parents, close relatives and invited professionals. 




For diary dates and real time news notifications please download the Ourschoolapp from the app store for free. Use the school postcode LN43SX to access information for Walcott.



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 Safeguarding Links:





Child Line







The named safeguarding leads for Walcott are: Mr Sewell and Mrs Miller. If you have any safeguarding concerns regarding children make these staff members aware.

Safeguarding and Esafey governor: Rev Steve Holt

Local Authority Designated Officers for safeguarding concerns: 

Rachael Powis and Jemma Parkinson 01522 554674                             



If you have a safeguarding concern that relates to events out of school consider calling the police or Lincoln safeguarding children customer service centre 01522 782111. 






Headteacher / Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mr A Sewell

 Class 3 Teacher: Mr Ross Churchward

Class 2 Teacher: Mr Dan Fidlin

Base leader /SENDCo/ Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead/ Class 1 Teacher: Mrs Naomi Miller

Class 1 teacher Mr Matthew Dodsworth 


Federation Lead SENDCO: Mrs H Sharman (National SENDCO Award)


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs R Brooks

Miss M Hulme

Mrs R Hitch

Mrs H Wheatley



Administrator: Mrs Helen Eke


Named Safeguarding Lead: Mr A Sewell

Deputy Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Miller



Chair of Govs.jpg



Chair of Governors: Mrs R Phillips

Mr A Sewell Staff

LA Governor Rhea Musgrove

Miss Jones Staff Governor (Co opted)

Mrs Elizabeth Kornat (Co opted)

Mrs Wheatley Staff Governor

Mrs Busby Parent Governor (Mrs Mary King's)

Mrs Olliver Co opted 

Vacant Position Parent Governor(Walcott)

Rev Steve Holt(Foundation MMK) Safeguarding

Mel Cuttell (Foundation MMK)


Clerk to Governors Mrs J Redwood



Governor Declarations of Interest 2019


Governor category

Appointing body


Start date


End date

Positions  of Responsibility

Declaration of Interest

Rachel Busby


Governing body

Sept 2015

Sept 2019

Standards, Complaints/Discipline

HT Performance, Finance

Husband supplier of eggs and potatoes.

Treasurer of Friends of Martin School.

Children Martin Class 3/4

Melanie Cuttel



Feb 2018

Feb 2022


HT Performance,Standards


Emma Fletcher


Governing body

Nov 2018

Nov 2022


Health and Safety, Standards

Child  Walcott Class 1

Steve Holt



Nov 2018

Nov 2022

Complaints/Discipline,HT Performance


Kirsty Jones


Governing body

Nov 2018

Nov 2022

Complaints/Discipline, Health and Safety, Standards

Teacher Walcott Class 2

Elizabeth Kornat


Governing body

Sept 2016

Sept 2020

Standards, Finance,

HT Performance

Parish Councillor-Timberland and Thorpe Tilney

Trustee -national Brain Appeal

JP Linc Magistrate Court

Plain EnglishWriting Skills tutor

Michelle Manning



Governing body

Sept 2015

Sept 2019

Vice Chair, Data protection officer Complaints/Discipline, HT Performance

Standards, Safeguarding

Parish Councillor-Martin

Teacher/Technician Horncastle Grammar


Rhea Musgrove



Sept 2017

Sept 2021

Complaints/Discipline, Finance,

HT Performance

Children Class 1/2

Chair Walcott Friends

Rainbow Leader

Associate CIPD member

Samantha Olliver


Governing body

Oct 2016

Oct 2020

Complaints/Discipline, Standards,

Health and Safety

Children Class 2

Chair Billinghay Parent's Forum

Chair Linc Advisory Partnership

RFU level 2 coach

Rebecca Phillips


Governing body

Oct 2013

31st  Oct 2017


Complaints/Discipline, Finance, Standards, Health and Safety

Husband Federation Handyman

Andrew Sewell


Governing body

Oct 2013

31st  Oct  2017


Federation Headteacher

Ruth Wheatley


Governing body

Oct 2013

31st  Oct  2017

Complaints/Discipline, Health and Safety, Standards

Teacher Martin Class 2




Click Here to download Governor Attendance Register 2018 /19


Click Here to download Governor Attendance Register 2017/18


Structure of the Governing Body Sub Commitees:


  • Standards
  • Finance
  • HT performance management
  • Health and Safety
  • Safeguarding
  • Foundation
  • Complaints/ Appeals
  • Policies