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Monday 8th February: School closed due to snow.
Please contact the school via email:
Looking at the forecast we should return to the site being open for vulnerable and keyworker children tomorrow. Detailed live information for parent can be found on the school Facebook page: Carrdyke Federation
or via Ourschool app (Seebelow for details)


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 For the most upto date information relating to Walcott School please refer to the 'our school app' news feed or the Carrdykefederation Facebook page.


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For real time updates on events and information please join our Facebook group. Search 'Carrdyke Federation' and request to join. This is a closed group for parents, close relatives and invited professionals. 




For diary dates and real time news notifications please download the Ourschoolapp from the app store for free. Use the school postcode LN43SX to access information for Walcott.



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 Safeguarding Links:





Child Line







The named safeguarding leads for Walcott are: Mr Sewell and Mrs Miller. If you have any safeguarding concerns regarding children make these staff members aware.

Safeguarding and Esafey governor: Rev Steve Holt

Local Authority Designated Officers for safeguarding concerns: 

Rachael Powis and Jemma Parkinson 01522 554674                             



If you have a safeguarding concern that relates to events out of school consider calling the police or Lincoln safeguarding children customer service centre 01522 782111. 






At Walcott we believe that wearing a uniform is an essential part of school life that supports our ethos and values.  A uniform helps bring equality and raises standards and expectations.


All children are expected to wear the uniform identified in our guide to parents and itemized below.  The uniform offers lots of choice for children and parents.


The colour scheme is grey trousers and skirts, white shirts and blouses and signal red pullovers and cardigans.


In the summer girls may wear red gingham dresses.  Grey pinafore dresses are also acceptable.


For PE children should have white Tshirts and red shorts.  Dark coloured un branded jogging bottoms are acceptable during the winter. Children can also wear red fleeces in cold weather.


Red sun hats are available for the summer.




Children should wear sturdy, low heeled black shoes or sandals.  Open toed sandals should be avoided and ‘crocks’ are not permitted.  Children should have black plimsolls PE and older children (From Year Three) will require trainers,


Girls must not wear knee or ankle length fashion boots. If the weather is so bad as to require boots then Wellingtons are most appropriate.


The school supplies a range of uniform with the school logo embroidered or printed on it.  Although this is taken up by the majority of children it is not compulsory and parents can source equivalent items form any supplier provided the shade of red is a match to the ones the school supplies.




Jewelry is not permitted except plain ear studs. We strongly advise parents to avoid sending children with ear studs as they present a danger on the playground. Ear studs must be removed by children for swimming and PE. Staff are not permitted to help with this. Children should have a small container for them.  If they can’t be removed then sticky tape must be used to cover them.(No studs at all for swimming).


Children who do not have a PE kit with them may be given a spare PE kit in a different colour so that it doesn’t go missing. It is important for child protection reasons that children do not miss PE session.



Boys should not have hair longer than shoulder lengths. Girls with longer hair should have it tied up or plaited for safety and hygiene reasons. Deliberately attention seeking and outlandish hairstyles are not permitted. Hair should not cover the eyes.


Click here to download a guide to uniform